Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Christmas List [Part1]

My mother has told me to start creating my list now, so I have decided to write some of it. I have been the worst at making list since I have started getting older because I find less things I need that are a reasonable price for other people to buy for me. If I ever wanted to get Chanel's $32 lipstick, I would save up and buy it myself because I didn't want my mother to have to pay (since it's a lot of money to me at least). So I try not to put things like that on my list, which makes this difficult for me. Plus, if I just ask for clothes, generally, I get things that I probably will never wear and so they will have the tag remain on for years to come (believe me, if you have been fortunate enough to have not experienced this dilemma, it happens). So here is the beginning of my list.

1. The Hollow Crown Series
I am a huge history buff so this is definitely 
on my list. The fact that my favorite actor 
(Tom Hiddleston who plays Henry V) is
also a nice little bonus!
2. Jewelry Box

I have had the same jewelry box since sixth grade.
Since I am on the verge of going to college, I do\
believe it is time for an upgrade (my mother agrees).
3. Laptop
I'm the youngest of four kids and when my siblings were
seniors in high school they received laptops for Christmas,
so this is me hoping to finally get my own laptop (no more 
4. Once Upon A Time season 1 and 2
I am in love with all things Disney and love
ABC's rendition of the classic stories. It's
my guilty pleasure on Sunday nights!

That's probably enough for the time being. I'll continue it later.
Have a lovely day sweeties.

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